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ADAPTive Level 1 Training

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**Prerequisite for ADAPTive Systems & AC6 Level 2 Training**

This 6-module course introduces sound system challenges and how ADAPTive solves them in just under an hour. It covers how and why ADAPTive technology was developed, in-depth product descriptions, a detailed explanation of the algorithm and applied low frequency techniques.

Once all videos are complete, there is an 18-question test to evaluate the knowledge gained from the material. If a passing grade is attained, both an EAW Certificate of Completion and an AXIVA CTS Credit certificate will be created and supplied.

Those who pass Level 1 training are expected to have a solid understanding of both the product itself and the technology that makes it so unique. They should be able to represent the brand through their ability to tell the story of the system and explain its benefits, knowledge of how it adjusts coverage and directivity, and expertise on each product at a high level.